Discord Support and Tickets

Hello, fellow Gemcrafters!

You may ask the question...

“What are Discord tickets for?”

Here's a quick rundown of what they are for, why to use them, and how to best use them.

Our Discord Ticket system is for players and community members to report problems to the staff team (such as grief, glitches, bugs, and player or staff reports). You may also create a ticket for ban/mute appeals* and applications for content creator roles. Discord tickets are private conversations between you and our staff team. Please use the #general-support channel for general questions.

To create a ticket, make sure that you are a member of our Gemcraft Survival Discord server.

Join the Discord Here https://discord.gg/gemcraft

Look for a channel called #ticket-support (shown in the picture below) and click on it. Read the rules and then click on the emoji to create a ticket.

The ticket rules are pretty simple!

  1. If you open a ticket, please state the reason for opening a ticket
  2. Please be patient when opening  a ticket. It may take some time for a staff member to respond. DO NOT PING STAFF MEMBERS. Someone will respond to you within an hour.
  3. Staff will close the ticket when appropriate, do not take it upon yourself to do this for us.
  4. If the staff team has informed you that the problem will take some time to be resolved, remain patient we will update you if required.
  5. Please act politely and with respect towards the staff team!

What happens after a ticket gets created?

After the ticket gets created, ask the question in chat or state your problem. Provide as many details as possible! Our staff team will then discuss what to do next and solve the problem. All tickets are kept private between the you and our staff team.

Here's an example:

You found out your base was griefed, with no staff members online to deal with it, so you create a ticket on Discord. First, you put in your in-game name (often termed as IGN), then explain that your base was griefed. You wait until a staff member gets there and responds to the ticket. Once the staff member gets there, you will do what they ask you to/answer their questions. Once the problem gets resolved, the staff closes the ticket.

*Ban/mute appeal -  an appeal in which a person banned/muted tries to lower their ban/mute period