Axolotls and more!

Let's kick off the school year with a fresh update


The server's base version is now 1.17. What does that mean? We now only support clients 1.17 and higher. You may now enjoy all of the incredible features that 1.17 has which range from amazing new mobs including Axolotls and Goats, to powdered snow collecting in your cauldrons.

Don't forget to cover your brewing devices or they'll fill with snow!

A variety of other new QOL updates including:

New Custom Enchants

Featuring three brand new tiers of enchantments!

Delphic, Mythical and Divine

This update brings over 40 new custom enchants into the game, replacing our old minimalist enchants. These should enhance your gameplay and encourage people to continue using and grinding for your EXP.

We have also fixed some small bugs regarding flight, quests, and with the Pinata Party.

We have added a new information GUI for MCMMO

The MCMMO information can be accessed by typing either /skills or /mcmmo

It provides detailed information about every skill, special abilities, and server-wide statistics.

Jobs Overhaul

The Jobs menu now provides a few more jobs, a few more statistics, and server-wide statistics. It also provides much more detailed and in-depth information about all Jobs that are available to work on the server.

If you find any bugs, issues, or need support please be sure to join our Discord.